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About us


Comsat TV7 Health Planet is a satellite TV Channel wholly dedicated to Health. “Health for All” is the overall objective of the channel.

There are many TV Channels that telecast news, entertainment and movies, but there is no dedicated Health Channel. With a view to fill this void Comsat Systems Pvt. Ltd. started Comsat TV7 Health Planet in April,2012, becoming the first ever 24×7 Health Channel in Andhra Pradesh, India.

We are using our own Teleport at Hyderabad for uplinking through INTELSAT 20, (68.5 Deg E, MPEG4-DV) where we have 9 MHz Bandwidth.

Today, the patient has become a conscious consumer and is ready to make an informed choice of quality health care available. TV7 Health Planet aims at educating the viewers on the latest trends in the Medical Technology, delivery systems, etc. and make them fully informed.


The channel is engaged in Production and broadcasting of programmes on health related subjects. The programs are in English and Telugu and telecast 24×7 from our own Teleport via Satellite.

The TV7 Channel has been on air for the last one year now, and has good viewership. It is recognized as a VERY USEFUL channel, giving valuable information on:

  • Diseases — Prevention and Cure; Treatments including ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES like Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc.
  • Programs on General Hygiene, Nutrition, Fitness & Beauty Care are included to promote the concept of wellness.
  • We are also undertaking programs aimed at promoting social awareness on issues of common concern and interest such as discrimination against women, suicide, smoking, alcoholism, pollution etc.
  • Episodes on Life Skills and Biographies of achievers and Role Models, catering to the moral and ethical development.
  • Weekend specials on Spiritual Health based on Major Scriptures.
  • Seminars and Talk Shows among students and hospitals.


TV7 Channel would like to focus on the Government initiatives on Health, Social Welfare, Nutrition, Developmental activities and programmes. It seeks to supplement the government efforts on eradication of social evils, superstitions, and promotion of education amongst the village poor.

TV7 also has the facility to Live Telecast Events and Campaigns through their DSNG Vans.

The emphasis of the Channel is ‘HEALTH CARE FOR ALL’ especially for the RURAL POOR. Towards this end a Telemedicine programme, ‘DIAL A DOCTOR’ model, is planned as a follow up for the poor living in the remote villages of India, taking the Health Care delivery system to the door step of the remote and rural population.




Our Vision Our Vision
  • Healthy INDIA makes Healthy People.
  • To make ‘HEALTH FOR ALL’ – an attainable goal through dedicated 24×7 Health TV Channel.
Mission Mission
  • To promote health awareness among the rural as well as urban population.
  • To provide usable information on health & hygiene, fitness & nutrition, prevention and cure & treatment of disease through programs 24X7.
  • Aims at bringing together various agencies involved in health care, i.e. doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical education and research, public health services and departments of health and public welfare, etc.
  • Envisages a telemedicine project as a complimentary to the government initiatives.
Values Values
  • Emphasis on low cost healthcare for the poor.
  • Reach out to the needy people with timely information, aiming at wellness.
user friendly
Mr. S. John,
Managing Director,
Comsat Group of Companies.

Mr. John Saripally, the owner and Promoter is a Technocrat with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post graduate degree in Business Management. While working in managerial positions in ISRO and ECIL, he was involved in many prestigious projects in Indian Telecom and Broadcasting for over twenty years. With his vast experience and skills gained in the field, he started his own firm Comsat Systems Private Ltd. In 1991. Comsat Systems now is a leading Manufacturer of Antenna Systems for Satellite communication.

The Company also owns and runs a Teleport at Hyderabad. It currently uplinks TV channels via INTELSAT from Hyderabad.

Comsat TV7 Health Planet was launched in 2012 as the first ever exclusive Health Channel in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mrs. S. Lalitha John,
Comsat TV7 Health Planet Pvt. Ltd.

Mrs. Lalitha John Saripally is the Director of Comsat TV7 Health Planet Pvt. Ltd., over all in charge for the Production of programmes & Scheduling for uplink. She brings to the Channel her rich experience of teaching English Language and Literature to graduate students for over thirty five years.

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